Bell X1

Bell X1


2000 – Neither Am I
2003 – Music in Mouth
2005 – Flock
2007 – Tour De Flock
2009 – Blue Lights on the Runway
2011 – Bloodless Coup
2012 – Field Recordings


Paul Noonan – lead vocals, guitar, drums, percussion, kazoo
David Geraghty – lead guitar, banjo, (electric) piano, backing vocals, occasional lead vocals
Dominic Philips – bass guitar, backing vocals
Brian Crosby – guitar, keyboards and backing vocals (1999–2008)

Live Members

Tim O’Donovan – drums
Marc Aubele – guitar, keyboards
Rory Doyle – drums

Recommended Listening

Tour De Flock
Blue Lights on the Runway
Bloodless Coup

They Said…

Craig Walker (Power of Dreams): Only heard one song, sounded very Talking Heads
Peter Holidai (the Radiators): Bell X1 have developed into a highly accomplished outfit that deliver both on record and live. They have always had a positive work ethic that is now delivering results
Declan from The 4 of Us: They’re great!
Garret Wall (Singer): Bell X1 – innovative, ground breakers, great song writing mixed with a freshness and flexibility to explore new sounds
Frantic Jack: Big fan of both the Frames and Bell X1! Both bands have very different but very unique styles. I think they are two of the best Irish bands to emerge in the last couple of decades. Favourite album from Bell X1 is “Flock” which had so many great chart hits. Favourite Frames album is “Fitzcarraldo” which produced one of their best songs “Revelate”. I think most new Irish bands could learn a lot by watching and listening to bands like the Frames or Bell X1 who have come up through the music industry the hard way
Wayne Sheehy (musician): Love the Frames and really liked the guys in Bell X but never clicked with their music
Jonas Read: I don’t know Bell X1
Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames): They’re deadly!
Martin Egan (Singer): I don’t think much of Bell X1

Concert Review

Bell X1 live at Vicar St
They’re touring Blue Lights on the Runway and it’s a great album. They have loads of great songs like the great defector. They still have the main guys, Paul Noonan, David Geraghty and Dominic Phillips. They have a brilliant, modern sound. Unlike a lot of Irish groups they’re not afraid to use keyboards or synthesizers.


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