Something Happens

Something Happens


1998 – Been There, Seen That, Done That
1988 – I Know Ray Harman (Live album recorded at McGonagles in Dublin)
1990 – Stuck Together With God’s Glue
1990 – Live At The Town & Country
1992 – Bedlam A Go-Go
1994 – Planet Fabulous
1995 – The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves
1997 – Alan, Elvis & God


Tom Dunne – vocals
Ray Harman – guitar
Eamonn Ryan – drums
Alan Byrne – bass

Recommended Listening

Stuck Together With God’s Glue
The Beatings Will Continue Until Morale Improves

They Said…

Craig Walker (Power of Dreams) on Something Happens: I prefer A House
Peter Holidai (The Radiators): Something Happens were/are a top class pop rock band. Their album Stuck Together With God’s Glue would be very highly rated by me as a pop classic
Garret Wall (Singer): Always thought Something Happens should have gone on to bigger and better things, some great tunes, one of the best bands of their era
Wayne Sheehy (Musician): Happens are great
Jonas Read: Thought parachute was a smashing song, did a couple of gigs with them and they were lovely lads
Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames): They’re deadly!
Declan Murphy (The 4 of Us): Great band and good lads
Martin Egan: I loved Something Happens 4th Live EP and “Stuck Together with God’s Glue”

Concert Review

Something Happens live at Whelans 1997
They have loads of great songs like Parachute. Tom, Alan, Ray and Eamonn are in fine form. Great night.


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