The 4 of Us

The 4 of Us


1989 – Songs for the Tempted
1993 – Man Alive
1999 – Classified Personal
2000 – Off the Record
2004 – Heaven and Earth
2006 – Fingerprints
2009 – Live At Vicar Street


Brendan Murphy
Declan Murphy

Recommended Listening

Songs for the Tempted
Man Alive

They Said…

Declan Murphy (The 4 of Us) on his favourite The 4 of Us album: Heaven and Earth
Garret Wall (Singer): The Four of Us penned with Mary one of the classic anthems of Irish pop/rock and their production and writing abilities have long served as benchmarks for other aspiring musicians to achieve
Wayne Sheehy (Musician) on The 4 of Us and The Stunning: Neither really touched me, but it’s such a big rock n roll family I have always respected both bands duration and dedication
Jonas Read: The 4 of Us had great suits
Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames): They’re deadly!
The 4 of Us on recording live versus separating the people: We’ve done both – depends on the studio and the song. The drums are always in a separate room. Nice to be in the one room, if possible. That way you can get a good atmosphere with all the mics picking up the same performance
The 4 of Us on doing gigs with a full band: We do a few a year, mostly festivals
The 4 of Us on doing a new album: Working on new songs at the moment for release next year
The 4 of Us on their favourite song: Probably Washington Down
Martin Egan (singer): I like the 4 of Us especially the early stuff. Very clever lyrically and musically. They were very badly treated by the industry here

Concert Reviews

The 4 of Us live at the Olympia 2000
Brendan and the boys are back in action again. They start off with a slow version of Drag my Bad Name Down. They have some new stuff which sounds good. They have a lot of great songs from before like Washington Down, Mary, She Hits Me. At the end they do Drag my Bad Name Down the way they used to play it before. Brilliant


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