The Frames

The Frames


1991 – Another Love Song
1996 – Fitzcarraldo
1999 – Dance the Devil
2001 – For the Birds
2002 – Breadcrumb Trail (live album)
2003 – Set List (live album)
2004 – Burn the Maps
2006 – The Cost
2010 – Another Love Song (Re-released)


Glen Hansard – vocals, guitar
Colm Mac Con Iomaire – keyboards, vocals, violin
Joe Doyle – bass guitar, vocals
Rob Bochnik – guitar, vocals
Graham Hopkins – drums, backing vocals
Noreen O’Donnell – vocals (1990–1996)
Dave Odlum – guitar (1990–2002)
Paul Brennan (Binzer) – drums, percussion (1990–1998)
Dave Hingerty – drums, percussion (1998–2003)
John Carney – bass guitar, vocals (1990–1993)
Graham Downey – bass guitar (1993–1996)
Johnny Boyle – drums (2003–2008)

Recommended Listening

Dance the devil
Burn the maps
The Cost

They Said…

Craig Walker (The Power of Dreams): Never heard any of their music
Peter Holidai (The Radiators): The Frames are another excellent band delivering great songs such as Revelate in particular. Glen Hansard must rate as one of Ireland’s most intense live performers
Declan Murphy (The 4 of Us): The Frames are great
Miriam Ingram: The Frames are great
Garret Wall (Singer): Frames – classic, influential, a reference in Irish indie rock and one of the best Irish songs ever in “Revelate”
Seanin Hawthornwhite: Great band, did quite a few gigs with them years ago I also loves Colm’s solo work and saw Glen last winter when he played in Berlin, great gig
Frantic Jack: Big fans of both the Frames and Bell X1! Both bands have very different but very unique styles. I think they are two of the best Irish bands to emerge in the last couple of decades. Favourite album from Bell X1 is “Flock” which had so many great chart hits. Favourite Frames album is “Fitzcarraldo” which produced one of their best songs “Revelate”. I think most new Irish bands could learn a lot by watching and listening to bands like the Frames or Bell X1 who have come up through the music industry the hard way
Wayne Sheehy (Musician): Love The Frames and really liked the guys in Bell X but never clicked with their music
Micky Billingham (Dexys Midnight Runners): They seem genuine to me, honest music
Colm Mac Con Ionmaire (The Frames) on his favourite The Frames albums: I probably like Dance the Devil and For the Birds most of all the frames records we’ve recorded so far….

Concert Review

The Frames live at Vicar St New Years Eve 2007
They have loads of great songs, Fitzcaraldo, Revelate, Pavement Tune. They still have the main guys, Glen Hansard and Colm Mac Con Iomaire. Great way to end the year.


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