The Stunning

The Stunning


1990 – Paradise in the Picturehouse
1992 – Once Around The World
1993 – Tightrope (Live Album)
1994 – Milking the Hits


Steve Wall
Joe Wall
Derek Murray – guitarist
Jim Higgins – percussionist and trumpet player
Cormac Dunne – drums

Recommended Listening

Paradise in the Picturehouse

They Said…

Craig Walker (Power of Dreams): Good band
The Stunning on their favourite The Stunning songs: Heads & Rusty Old River
Garret Wall (Singer): Supported the Stunning several times back in the day and know Steve (no relation), great band who deserved to go much further than they did, classic live band and performers/songwriters of the highest calibre
Jonas Read: The Stunning are great
Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames): They’re deadly!
The Stunning on recording live in one room or separating the people: One room is best. Put amps outside or behind baffles. You can DI the bass and re-amp it later. Or keep the amp in another room. Just guide vocals as there will be all kinds of shit over the vocal mics. Capturing a good performance makes everything else a lot easier
Yngve Wieland (Musician): I like the Stunning, one of the bands I grew up listening to
The 4 of Us: The Stunning were great
Martin Egan on the Walls: I love the Walls, have followed them right from the Solid Days

Concert Review

The Stunning live at Vicar St 2003
Steve and Joe and the boys are back together again for a short tour. Loads of great songs like Half Past 2, Brewing Up a Storm, Girl in a Curl, Romeo’s on Fire.


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