1980 – Boy
1981 – October
1983 – War
1984 – The Unforgettable Fire
1987 – The Joshua Tree
1988 – Rattle and Hum
1991 – Achtung Baby
1993 – Zooropa
1997 – Pop
2000 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind
2004 – How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
2009 – No Line on the Horizon


Bono – vocals
Edge – guitar
Adam Clayton – bass
Larry Mullen – drums

Recommended Listening

The Unforgettable Fire
The Joshua Tree
Rattle and Hum
Achtung Baby
All That You Can’t Leave Behind
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
No Line on the Horizon

They Said…

Craig Walker (Power of Dreams): good band
Garret Wall (Singer): U2, what can I say, not even members of IMRO!! Amazing success and they have set the standards albeit impossible ones to repeat by anyone’s standards. Could be doing more for homegrown Irish music than they are. Legendary
Wayne Sheehy (Musician): I have great respect for them Brian, and known them for a long time, like all super groups some ego’s have grown hugely (not that it was small to begin with), but I always made a very deliberate policy of not buying or listening to their music overly for fear of being influenced
Micky Billingham (Dexys Midnight Runners): They’ve always left me cold I’m afraid
Geoffrey Blythe (Dexys Midnight Runners): Would not mind being the opening band
Jim Paterson (Dexys Midnight Runners): I really liked them up until about 1990, or when Bono started preaching/trying to save the planet on his own. They wrote some brilliant songs early doors but I think they lost the plot. I got fed up hearing the same old guitar riffs/echo/delay and it just seemed that they were doing it for the money. Pride (in the name of love) is one of my all time favourite songs. I don’t think they are the only band who have started out as unique only to become too big and boring
Jonas Reed: Musically you can’t really knock them, saw them play in ’85 and they were quite amazing
Anthony Thistle Waite (The Waterboys): I don’t think much of their music but they were very decent to us in 1984 when The Waterboys were supporting them on tour around the USA
Colm Mac Con Iomaire (The Frames): They’re deadly!
Martin Egan (Singer): I played with them in 1978 when they were starting off. I love that Bono is so good at his job that he pisses everyone off. Most people don’t even know that that is what a good frontman’s job is. To make sure people don’t forget you or the Band. Musically I think they have always played it safe. Business wise I would say they and Paul McGuinness are 5 of the smartest people to come out of Ireland


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